National R U OK Day

National R U OK day is here again and a time to check in with yourself, friends, family and team members. For full details of the conversation tools visit Asking the simple question R U OK could change a life. Don’t leave it to only one month per year. Over the last fortnight, if […]

Mapping Your Future

Self information – The first step in enhancing, choosing, or changing an occupation is to know yourself. Interests, skills, and values tend to be closely related. Generally, we choose activities we value and are interested in, and as we do them more frequently we develop our skills in them. A career plan, like a roadmap, […]

Tips to support loved ones with Mental Illness

Mental illness is not only distressing for the person who’s experiencing it, but for family and friends who care about them too. Being able to come together to care for the individual with a mental illness (and one another) can help to support their recovery.