Relationships are not easy and simple problems in your daily life can cause stress or add strain to any relationship. Additional problems that can contribute to the stress include chronic illness, a lack of communicating effectively, cultural differences, infidelity and mental health issues. Couples may also face issues of emotional distancing, financial difficulties and a general lack of trust. Relationship counselling begins usually when a couple is trying to decide whether to work out their problems and continue to be together or if they should move on.
Relationship and family counselling can include married and de facto couples, parents and children, families, adopted and foster families and blended families.

Some families might come in because a child is having trouble in school, and the whole family is affected, or they may come in because a newly-blended family is having trouble creating boundaries and delineating parental roles. Through counselling we will explore the whole family interactions, roles and responsibilities and work towards mutual family goals that you set.

When exploring counselling we will look at if everyone is onboard with counselling or is there any reservations and explore any concerns. With all changes, it takes work and a willingness to see change within ourselves and others. Counselling can be for overcoming a personal or relationship challenges that’s affecting the quality of your relationship, changing behaviours to improve your relationship, or moving forward on your own after a relationship break up.

Support area’s we can support you with
– Sibling relationships
– Parent and child relationships
– Impacts of domestic and family violence
– Supporting children post separation
– Supporting children impacted by domestic and family violence
– Family relationships including blended families and extended families
– Couples
– Grief and Loss

To explore your relationship needs, please call to see how we can support you and your family. Appointments are made for 1.5 hours to allow enough time for everyone.

Therapy Options

  • Behaviour and solution focused couple therapy
  • Structural family therapy
  • Solution focused therapy