Online counselling Expatriates & Third Culture Kids (TCK’s) around the world

Online counselling Expatriates & Third Culture Kids (TCK’s) around the world

At Stepping Stones Counselling and Coaching we aim to support you no matter where you live. With online appointments through microsoft MyTeams we are available to support you all over the world.


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In 2023 Stepping Stones Counselling and Coaching will be have an additional office in Europe and we are excited at this next adventure. We will be supporting English speaking Expats via online appointments. But why wait till 2023 we can start booking appointments now. Yes, there is a time difference but we will work with you to find a suitable time. 

Counselling for individuals, children, couples and families. Are you an Expat living abroad in need of emotional support, general counselling or anxiety? Or a couple that is in need of relationship counselling? Is your family living abroad experiencing difficulties, social skills, isolation or missing home? Contact Stepping Stones to to see if we would be the right support for you and your family.

What is Video online Counselling?

Video counselling services allow people to receive online counselling via video conference and the session takes place ‘virtually’ using video and audio connection. You will be able to see and speak to the counsellor online, exactly as if you were sitting in front of them in an office, from the comfort of your home or preferred private location.

What can I expect from an online counselling appointment?

All online counselling appointments via MyTeams are as private as face-to-face appointments and measures are in place to ensure the video conference is secure. You will also need a quiet, private space for the duration of your session and your counsellor will also be in a private room. You will require a device that has both video and audio capabilities, and a reliable WiFi or broadband internet connection.

This may include people who:
Travel frequently,
Live in rural/remote areas,
Live in urban areas but are time-constrained, or
Experience transport difficulties, etc.

Benefits of online therapy

Some people find online therapy useful because you can go online when it suits you — after work or at night even when children are asleep.

It can also help people who can’t easily get to regular sessions because of time or distance. Some people find it less confronting than speaking directly to a counsellor or psychologist.

At the time of booking please advise what counselling option is best suited to your needs.