Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing


Everyone, at some point in time is uncertain about themselves, lacks confidence and doubts their abilities and even has negative views about themselves. Low self-esteem can have an impact on many aspects of a person’s life including school, work productivity and enjoyment, relationships, self-reflections and friendships.

Stepping Stones we can support you to overcome low self-esteem by exploring how it is developed, how it is maintained, how to address the problem and maintain the changes.

What disguise do I wear to hide the real me? Contemplate what is stopping you from letting the real you shine.

Worry and Stress

Worry and stress can stop us from doing what we love or reaching our goals. Everyone experiences some anxiety during everyday activities i.e job interviews, thrill rides, doing something new and out of our comfort zone.  People with anxious thoughts may be unable to stop worrying about seemingly unimportant things, and they can perceive situations as much worse then they actually are. It can interfere with the enjoyment of life and disrupts work, relationships and self-perceptions.   

Work-Family-Self Life Balance

Being able to recognise a separation between a job and living a fulfilling life is essential to improving one’s well being — both physically and mentally. Those who lack work-life balance often bring work home, struggle with insomnia, cancel plans because of their other obligations, and tend to have a short temper. Concentrating the majority of energy on work can also cause people to suffer from severe tension headaches, upset stomachs, and an increase of caffeine and alcohol use. Counselling can help restore someone’s work-life balance and encourage clients to look at their situation, identify any stressors, and formulate a plan to prioritise their time. A good work-life balance means creating harmony between different aspects of life. Essentially, this means any benefits gained from each aspect can support and strengthen the others.

Self care/ take time for you

Life is a precious gift. Yes, you have a lot of responsibilities— fixing the dryer, mowing the lawn, paying bills, parenting, school runs, work and the list goes on. But it’s important to remember that taking care of yourself is also your responsibility. Little things like sipping tea while looking at the raindrops racing down the window glass, enjoying a bubble bath, or reading a book are essential for your daily happiness. While things like taking up a new hobby or learning a new language can make your life more purposeful by giving you a new reason to get up in the morning.

3 things to notice daily

  • What energises and inspires you in your life
  • What do I appreciate most about myself
  • What kind of day do I want for myself today