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 We provide support in the following area's;

Stepping Stones is a Provider of NDIS Counselling Support

I am a registered counsellor for Therapy with NDIS. I focus on social skills, life skill development, anxiety disorders, isolation and wanting to form friendships or building the skills to engage in the community. Support can include capacity building to gain the confidence and skills to engage in work or education. Capacity building with psychosocial disabilities to build life skills to meet the participants goals.  I value the importance of provide support for primary carers, supporting carer burnout, isolation, feeling lost and overwhelmed at times.

General Counselling

No matter who we are, challenges often appear somewhere along our life's journey. With our own resources and the support of others, we may be able to work through these issues ourselves and move forward in our lives. However there are times when life can feel confusing, overwhelming and out of our control. There may also be times when we feel sad or anxious, without really being able to pinpoint why. Sometimes it can be difficult to face these challenges alone, and seeking support is the best option for us. 

Counselling is a process of supporting you to identify and work through these issues.  They may include issues around:

    Personal goals and future planning

    Social or work life

    Changes to your life

    You may be struggling with thoughts and feelings; having difficulty making sense of your own life direction and purpose. 

Stepping Stones can help you to explore the issues and understand the problem more clearly, consider all available options, and take the most appropriate action.


Everyone, at some point in time is uncertain about themselves, lacks confidence and doubts their abilities and even has negative views about themselves.

Low self-esteem can have an impact on many aspects of a person's life including school, work productivity and enjoyment, relationships, self-reflections and friendships.

Stepping Stones we can support you to overcome low self-esteem by exploring how it is developed, how it is maintained, how to address the problem and maintain the changes.

 Work and Education support

Are you looking to return to study, work or maybe looking to change career direction. This can be a daunting, challenging but a rewarding path to navigate. Stepping Stones can support you to explore your goals and develop a plan forward to achieve a work study life balance, time management, study plans or workforce resolutions or interview and resume preparations.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress can stop us from doing what we love or reaching our goals. Everyone experiences some anxiety during everyday activities i.e job interviews, thrill rides, doing something new and out of our comfort zone. 

Common symptoms of anxiety include:

    Difficulty concentrating


    Avoidance behaviour 

People with anxiety may be unable to stop worrying about seemingly unimportant things, and they can perceive situations as much worse then they actually are. It can interfere with the enjoyment of life and disrupts work, relationships and self-perceptions.

Stepping Stones we can work together to explore your anxiety and stress and take steps to achieve your goals.

Independent Life Skill Development-